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Brian & Dave - April 2011

Dave went to a technical high school where he took the plumbing curriculum. After finding out that doing plumbing work on old plumbing was not as nice as working with new components on a workbench in school, he developed doubts that he wanted to be a plumber. About this time his biological dad had an auto service station and working with him and some of his Dad's auto mechanic friends, Dave discovered he really liked doing auto mechanics. He worked at different service stations and auto recycling companies until he finally got a job as a diesel engine mechanic. He worked rebuilding engines for trailer trucks and large construction equipment until he decided to change careers again. He now works for a sheet metal company installing and repairing air conditioning systems

Dave's favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing. He is a member of a sportsmen's club and travels thousands of miles during deer hunting season in different states.

Dave was married for a very short time. He has a son, Brian, from that relationship. Unfortunately, Brian's mother was too immature to be a mother or wife and left when Brian was just a baby. Dave and Brian moved in with Donna and Ernie (Ernie was still married to Dave's mom at the time). With a lot of help from Donna, Dave has raised Brian. Dave and Brian now live in the home that his grandparents built when Donna was about 3-years-old.

Brian tired of school and quit. He has since earned a GED. In September 2004, Brian decided to give education another try and started taking college courses. He is still working on a degree, as he has changed his major several times.

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