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Ern's Ern, Olivia, Kane, Donna & Klark December 2010 Family

Ern and Donna met when Donna did a search on the internet looking for a friend and found a reference to the internet radio show that Ern was doing at the time. She contacted Ern and after exchanging emails for a while they got together a few times for concerts. They soon started dating though they lived a couple of hundred miles apart. Donna works for a restaurant chain which has a location near where Ern lived. In December 2004, Donna arranged to start working near Ern then she and her son Kane moved in with Ern. They do not agree with the state needing to give you permission to be married, so they had a commitment ceremony that they consider as their marriage. The state does not recognize that they are married, but they consider themselves married and refer to each other as husband and wife. They have moved a few times and are currently living in Donna's Grandmother's home town and her grandmother has moved in with them as she needs daily help.

Ern and Donna have 3 children; Kane Donna's son from a previous relationship, Olivia their daughter, and Klark their son. Kane and Ern have thought of themselves as father and son since Ern and Donna started dating.

Ern has worked at a lot of different occupations. He worked preparing food at an Italian restaurant and a Pizza Hut. He did cleaning and maintenance for a Walmart. He did Air Conditioning maintenance, furniture delivery, and he has worked as a pipe-layer. He was working as a customer service representative for a phone company, unfortunately they decided to downsize and Ern was laid-off. He did lawn care. He currently is being a home-making dad until Donna finds employment in a field related to her Psychology degree. Once they know Donna's schedule, Ern will be able to find a job that fits the schedule.

Ern's favorite pastime is making music. He has been involved with 3 or 4 local bands and has made tapes with some of them. He has also made some recordings on his own. Thanks to fanzines and the internet, some of Ern's music has been collected by people in countries all around the world. He also did an internet radio program for a while.

Ern also likes to participate in role-playing games on the internet. He is a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team and collects Godzilla movies and memorabilia.

Donna completed her degree in psychology and is currently seeking employment in a psychology related field. Donna also still works as a waitress in a restaurant.

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