4 Wall Line Dance, 16 Counts
Music: Roadrunner by Microwave Dave & The Nukes
Funky Cowboy by Ronnie McDowell (medium)
Gravitational Pull by Chris LeDoux (slow)
Choreographer: Unknown
Count Description
Start with weight on left foot.
1&2 Kick right, step on ball of right next to left, step on left
3,4 Stomp right weight to right foot, Stomp left weight to left foot
Toe-Heel Touches
5,6 Touch right toe beside left foot, Touch right heel beside left foot
7,8 Repeat steps 5,6
Hip Bumps
9,10 Step right slightly to the right bump hips twice to right
11,12 Bump hips twice to the left
Back Rock Step, 1/4 Step Turn
13,14 Step back on right foot, Rock forward onto left foot
15,16 Step right foot forward, Dip right shoulder down while making 1/4 turn left (weight goes to left foot)