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Bermuda Cruise - September-October, 1999

The last few days of September and first few days of October 1999, we went on a cruise to Bermuda. We started out on Sunday afternoon and arrived in St Georges, Bermuda Tuesday morning. We left for home Friday evening and arrived Sunday morning.

The cruise ship remained in port providing room and board the full time. When on a cruise all meals are included. There is always food available. Every night there is entertainment and dancing.

There were assigned tables for dinner in the formal dining room. We were very fortunate to sit with two very friendly couples (Ruthanne & Steve and Sara & Dave) and Gloria, one of the most classy elegant ladies we have every met. Gloria has had an extremely interesting life. She is the first black female graduate of Georgia University. (picture)

We went on a few tours one in a bus around the island, one in a horse-drawn carriage in the St. Georges area, and one on a small boat in St. Georges Bay. Among the many places we saw the most impressive was Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave is a beautiful cavern with a wonderful lagoon in it. The water is so clear in the lagoon that there is a rock formation about 30 feet below the surface that appears to be only a couple of feet below the surface.

We went to the beach one day and Ernie showed Dale how to body surf. Dale is very sensitive to cold and usually can not go in the water for very long. The water is so warm in Bermuda that we were able to spend a couple of hours in it and Dale did not get cold.

There are many chickens roaming around. The story that we were told was that a chicken farmer died without any heirs and the farm was left alone. The chickens eventually wandered off and are now a common site walking around in the St. Georges area. The only major problem is that the roads are very narrow and winding and have a lot of moped traffic as well as cars. The chickens will run out in front of a vehicle and when the driver swerves it frequently causes an accident. If a moped is involved there is a high chance of serious injury.

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