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Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York - July, 1998

In July 1998, Ernie's Mom was going to Long Island, NY to visit his Aunt Alma and we decided to accompany her on the ferry from Bridgeport, CT to Port Jefferson, NY. We also took our granddaughters Kristina and Erica.

When we got to Port Jefferson we met Aunt Alma and went to a really nice restaurant. Unfortunately, we can not remember the name of the restaurant. Everyone really enjoyed their meal. The most memorable part of the meal was the steamed clams. They were Long Island little necks and were delicious.

After eating Aunt Alma and Mom left for the trip to Aunt Alma's home in another town. Port Jefferson is a small resort town and has many small art and curios shops. We had a little time before the return ferry would be leaving and took Kris and Erica for a short tour around the town.

Everything about the trip was beautiful, spending time with Mom, visiting with Aunt Alma, relating with Kris and Erica, the weather, the food, and the ferry ride. (Pictures)

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