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Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island - July, 1998

In July 1998, we took our granddaughters Kristina and Erica to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.

We brought a picnic lunch and had a great day visiting the animals in the zoo. Erica and Kris especially enjoyed the polar bears.

There were 3 bears, a male, a female, and their cub. Apparently male polar bears are not great fathers and may be dangerous to the cub, so the male was only allowed in the viewing area alone and had to go inside when the mother and cub were outside.

Some of the animals who live at the zoo:

Pairie Dogs   Black Bear
Mother & Cub Polar Bears   Giraffes

And the most dangerous animals at the zoo that day:

Kristina & Erica of Arabia   Kristina & Erica alias batgirls hanging out
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