Ernie's 70TH Birthday
When we started planning a trip to visit our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids that live the furthest from us, Dale started planning a 70th birthday party for Ernie. She did not just want to go to a restaurant, so she came up with something most everyone could do and enjoy, bowling. She reserved 4 lanes for us, then made a reservation at a Chinese buffet. Everyone had a great time bowling and enjoyed what they liked at the buffet.

Almost everyone was able to attend, the only ones missing were Ern's wife Donna and son Kane. Those that were there were:
Dale & Ernie
  our son Michael & his wife Rachel
    their twin daughters Peyton & Kayla
    their daughter Kristina & her significant other Tim
      their sons Lance, Aidyn, & Ryan and daughters Trinity & Brianna
  our son Ern
    his daughter Olivia & son Klark
  Ernie's first wife Karen
    her son Patrick, who we think of as a son, & his fiancee Bree.
Having all these loved ones in one place is the best birthday present Ernie could have asked for. He was able to spend some time with everyone that was there. (Pictures)