Dale & Ernie
Dale & Ernie
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Meet Dale

Dale grew up in a small town. Most of the children in the neighborhood were boys so these were her playmates. This was OK with her seeing she only had two sisters and no brothers. The family across the street owned a garage and a working farm. The garage is where she would go for her penny candy, soda, and chips. They had a son her age and he was her closest playmate. There was a fairly large hill on the farm and this was the neighborhood sliding place in the winter. There were also woods in back of Dale's house where she could play. One of the neighborhood ladies would spend a lot of time with Dale and taught her about nature. It was really a great place to grow up. There also was one girl friend Dale was friendly with who lived about 2 miles away from her. They would walk to each other's house to play and this was OK back then because children were still safe to be out walking in a small town. You could not do this today.

Dale went to the grammar school in the town she grew up in and then had to attend a Regional high school which consisted of five towns. Dale was not a good student but did get fairly good grades when she applied herself. School was not something Dale liked. She was shy and found it very difficult to communicate with people. She did not graduate school however with her class. Dale quit school in her junior year and did not go back until 6 years later.

Dale's parents were divorced and her Mother re-married a man who was an excellent cook. They opened a pizza house and Dale would work after school in this pizza house. This is where she met her first husband. He was older than she was and paid her much attention.

Dale got married at the young age of 16, had two beautiful daughters by the age of 19 and divorced by 20. Her older daughter, Gale was born in 1969 and her younger daughter, Jeannine was born in 1971. When Gale started Kindergarten in 1974, Dale also went back to school to finish her high school education. In 1976 she graduated with honors.

In 1975 Dale's sister sublet her apartment out to an old classmate (Gerry) of Dale's whom she use to have a crush on but never said more than hi to. Dale's sister and her boyfriend use to bowl on Sundays with Gerry and invited Dale to go one Sunday. He had also been married and divorced but never had any children. He asked Dale what his chances were of dating her and she answered "as good as anyone else's". Dale and Gerry dated for three years and married in 1978. They were married for 15 years and never had any children of their own. They divorced in 1993 of irreconcilable differences. Basically Dale and Gerry did not have the same interest in life. Dale believes they still loved each other even at the time of the divorce but had grown so far apart they could not get it back together. Unfortunately, they did not part friends.

By 1996 Dale had two more relationships that went bad. She had started attending church again which she had not done for many years. This is where she met an old girl friend of her sister's who now became a friend of hers. Carol would go to the parents without partners' dances and Dale asked if she could go with her. Dale started dating a couple of men from these dances that ended in two more failed relationships. Dale was searching for true love but seemed not to really be praying for guidance. In about February of 1997 Dale was asked to dance by a person who became a very good friend of hers (Ernie). Ernie and Dale were friends for 1 1/2 years. In between Dale's dating other men, Dale and Ernie would dance almost all night long at the dances. Dale was still in her searching mode but not praying. About April of 1998 Dale started to feel as though she was really doing something wrong. She was not happy with how her life was going. Dale started to really turn to God in earnest. She also started to really take into consideration what she was looking for in a relationship. Dale started to realize that the men she thought she was attracted to she really didn't like. One night she was at her home with a date and another man she was dating called her. She told him she could not talk and hung up. She also was not really enjoying the person whom she was with either. Then she got another call and this was from Ernie. She also had to tell him she was busy and hung up. At this point Dale silently asked God what he was trying to tell her. Dale and Ernie had not dated at this point in time but had done things together as friends. Well in June Dale had a wedding to go to. When Dale's Mom, whom Dale confided in, asked who she would be going to the wedding with Dale without hesitation told her Mom, she was going to ask her friend Ernie. Dale found out that night that she enjoyed not only dancing with Ernie but just being with him. This was the beginning of Dale realizing that what she had been searching for her whole life was in her friend Ernie.

After the wedding they continued to dance together and in July went on a Christian Singles hike together. After the hike going to supper and the fireworks. The evening ended with both Dale and Ernie having a very good feeling about their time together. They married in August of 2000 with a church ceremony. August 25, 2001 they moved into their new home.

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