Gale's Family

Alysha, Ashleigh, Erica, Gale, Mark, Shane, Alex, TJ, Damion, Xavier

Gale and Mark were married September 14, 2019. They had a beautiful wedding at a country club. The ceremony was outside with great weather. Gale honored Ernie by asking him to walk her down the aisle. Gale bought special socks for all the men in the wedding, Ernie's were really special. The reception was in a banquet room in the clubhouse. When Gale and Mark were introduced at the reception they came in wearing t-shirts and Mark had a ball and chain around his ankle. Ernie was given the honor of doing the bride-father dance with Gale. Gale, Alex, and TJ did a dance Gale had choreographed, which everyone loved. Everything was wonderful. (Pictures)

Gale has three Children: Erica, Alex, and TJ from previous relationships. Mark has two children: Shane and Ashleigh and three grandchildren: Damion, Alysha, and Xavier from previous relationships. So together they have provided us with five grandchildren and 3 great-grand children.

Gale worked for many years at a company that manufactures computer boards. She assembled and tested computer boards and became so trusted that she was assigned to test other assemblers boards.

She left that job to stay at home and help Alex prepare for school. While doing this she took at-home courses in medical billing and after Alex went into pre-school she got a job with a local doctor. Unfortunately, the schedule did not fit in with her need to be home for Erica and Alex and she had to leave that job.

Gale had a day-care center for a while and was really good at it. The day-care center did really well, but it conflicted with some family priorities and she closed it. Gale had a lot of experience with autistic children so she took some courses and worked in the local schools with autistic children.

Gale then worked as a Pharmacist Assistant at a local pharmacy for 10 years. She now works as a Pharmacist Assistant in the claims department of a medical insurance company.

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Last updated:  Oct 24 2019