Jeannine's Family

David and Jeannine
Jeannine and David were married in 1994.

Jeannine has worked as a waitress and restaurant hostess. She then got a job in the accounting department of an insurance company where she has worked for several years. She now is a supervisor in the accounting department.

David works for a company that manufactures specialized lenses. He is a supervisor at this company and when a new technology comes along, he is the person who first learns it then teaches others about it.

Jeannine and David have two "children". Their "children" are cats. The cats are loved and cared for as if they were children. When we are traveling, Dale sends postcards to our grandchildren, this includes Jeannine & David's cats.

Their favorite type of vacation is cruising. They have been on several cruises to the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Central America. They have also gone on cruises to Hawaii and through the Panama Canal. They also enjoy vacationing at all-inclusive resorts.

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Last updated:  Jun 20 2020