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Welcome To Our Favorite Links Page

The links on this page are ones we have found to be inspiring, fun, and/or useful. They do not contain any objectionable material as far as we have seen.

If any of them no longer work, please email Ernie so he can remove them.

If you know of some wholesome inspirational, fun, and/or useful sites let us know, we will check them out and add them if we agree.

Christian and Bible
The Message Bible Online - a plain language translation
Bible Truths - bible study tips and radio programs
Millbury Federated Church - a true Christian family in Millbury, MA
Lord's Builders - organized by the Men's Fellowship of Millbury Federated Church, the Lord's Builders have been helping to rebuild churches destroyed by arson since 1997.
Southwest United Methodist Church - a true Christian family in Gainesville, FL

Ballroom Dancers - The Ballroom Dancers site is a wonderful way to study this type of dancing and to learn new steps.
Kickit - Lists 1000's of line and partner dance step sheets
Copperknob - Lists 1000's of line dance step sheets
ARJJAZE (RJ's) Line Dances - Lists 1000's of line dance step sheets

KrazyDad - Thousands of free mind expanding games: Suduko, Kakuro, Maze, etc