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Welcome To Our Prayer Request Page

We ask that you pray for the people below. If you would like to have pray requests added to the list, send us an e-mail.

Prayers for our great-nephew Scott as treatment of his cancer continues. That God continues to guide the doctors/surgeons in treating him and continues to bring healing for him. Strength and comfort for his parents, grand-parents, brothers, and other relatives/friends.

Prayers for Dale's cousin Debbie, bringing complete healing from the surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from near her brain. That she will not suffer any of the possible serious side-effects from the surgery.

Prayers of thanks for the better decisions our granddaughter Kristina has been making lately. Prayers for continued understanding and maturity for our granddaughter Kristina that she stops making really bad life affecting decisions for her and her children.

Prayers that elected officials in the USA will stop the persecution and bigotry toward Christians being done by the Federal government.

Prayers for protection and comfort for the people in harms way due to wars around the world. We pray that God will intervene in the thinking of the government leaders, terrorists, and others who are leading people into war, that they learn God's intentions for this world is love and peace.

Prayers of thanks for the many people that God has safely returned from war and prayers of comfort and strength for the families & friends of those who have perished.

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