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Welcome To Our Scripture Study Page

Between us we have studied and/or discussed the Bible with Protestants, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Born Again Christians, Messianic Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and Agnostics. Neither of us has to our knowledge ever met a true atheist, but if we had we would have discussed the Bible with them. We both believe that all Scripture is inspired by God, the way to eternal life is revealed in the Bible, you must pray with an honest heart for understanding, and you must compare Scripture passages to each other to understand. We will expand on these lists over time. We will also develop pages that discuss the topics in the lists. We welcome emails with your comments on these topics. We only ask that your comments be backed-up with Scripture references and not church doctrine nor the writings of others. We would of course welcome quotes from books and articles that are backed up by Scripture references.

When we learn more about web page development we will try to provide a direct means of putting your comments onto this web site.
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