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Back to Back Cruises: March-April 2004
Because we have cruised with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) we are now members of their Latitudes group and so we occasionally receive ads for cruise specials in the mail. Before we left for our annual Christmas time trip down south we received an ad that listed 3 different cruises. Ernie noticed that it would be really convenient to take 2 back-to-back cruises as one ended in Miami in the morning of the same day the other left Miami in the evening. The combined cruises would be 21 days and the price of the combined cruises was less than what you would normally expect to pay for a 13-15 day cruise.
When we returned from our southern trip we discussed it and then Ernie asked his supervisor if it would be possible to get 3 consecutive weeks of vacation. His supervisor was very understanding that this was a great opportunity and approved the vacation.
On December 24 we went to the travel agency that our daughter Jeannine and her husband David use. The ads each stated that one way air was included. When the agent talked to an NCL representative she was told that the air was only from ending point back to starting point not from your home to the starting point nor from the ending point to your home. We started thinking that if we had to pay for air separately it would not be as good of a deal and we would have to re-think it. The agent asked to speak to the representative's supervisor. After confirming the deal on the air fare was correct, the agent worked with the supervisor on seeing what else could be done. It was discovered that Ernie qualified for a senior rate and since Dale was traveling with him she would get the same rate. She then checked what she could get us for an air fare. It turned out she was able to get us a combined price that was about $300.00 less than if we got the advertised price and the air was included.

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