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Savannah, GA, Florida, and Caribbean Cruise - Dec 2015-Jan 2016
We booked a Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and decided to visit other places before going on the cruise. Dale has a friend who visited Savannah, GA and had told Dale it was an interesting place to visit, so we made that our first stop. After leaving Savannah we had to drive just about the full length of Florida so we visited other places we were interested in seeing. We ended up criss-crossing the state as some places were in the center, others on the west coast, and the cruise departed from the east coast.

Below is an itinerary of our trip, but we wanted to share some spiritually uplifting stories of the trip here.
Trip Itinerary (click on a "Location" to jump to the story about a place we visited.)
   Historic District - Savannah, GA
   Caribbean Cruise

Last updated:   oct 01 2018