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Winter Trip - January-March 2019

As what has become customary for us since we retired, we traveled around the USA for most of the winter. Though the title of this page says January-March 2019, we actually started out the day after Christmas in 2018. As most times we headed to Florida first. We probably should have waited until after the first of the year or gone somewhere else first, to avoid all the "snow-bird" traffic.

As on most other trips we had planned to visit a number of National Parks. When the government shut-down it meant there would be no services at the parks and then we started reading about the damage being done at the parks since there was no on there to control the inconsiderate people going to them during the shutdown. So while in Florida we rearranged our trip to not include National Parks. Hopefully, this situation will be rectified and we will be able to do our original itinerary on another trip.

Trip Itinerary (click on a "Location" to jump to the story about a place we visited.)
   14-Day Cruise
   Birmingham, Alabama
   New Mexico
   Tupelo, Mississippi
   Georgia Aquarium
   Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
   Virginia Caverns
   Sight & Sound Theater - Jesus
   Roadside Attractions

On this trip we went to some restaurants that deserve mentioning because of really good food, great service, & reasonable prices. Since we do not want these getting lost in the stories of the stops where we encountered the restaurants we are including this restaurant link.

Last updated:   apr 20 2019